CalenGoo 1.0.157


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 06/28/2015 - 23:09
Size: 8.67 MB
Category: Communication

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CalenGoo 1.0.157

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CalenGoo 1.0.157 for android-os is a beautiful calendar together Calendar Sync Google Calendar Android! You can quickly and easily work together this calendar. in fact, you can synchronize the calendar together Google Calendar and Android. You can see events and times of the day and change them by dragging your finger on. If you need to plan your day, your work is the calendar.

Some of the features, capabilities, and features CalenGoo android-os app:
✤ to copy, open and delete events together drag & drop
✤ Having a dedicated widget that will display in the home screen without opening the application
✤ has a powerful find function to find quick Events
✤ programmable hardware buttons (eg: access to calendar today together the back button)
✤ to sync Google Calendar service tasks, and calendar to your Google phone Klndr
✤ having 5 calendar including daily, weekly and monthly detail
✤ easy to add notes in the every day user
✤Amkan put a call in MP3 format and default alarm events in gallery
✤ having wide options to customize and personalize your calendars
✤ has a very homely user interface, professional and user-friendly

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