CALCU Stylish Calculator PREMIUM 2.0.1 Ultimate


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 10/03/2015 - 20:36
Size: 3.54 MB
Category: Education

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CALCU Stylish Calculator PREMIUM 2.0.1 Ultimate

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Using CALCU Stylish Calculator PREMIUM 2.0.1 Ultimate Calculator its own mind. It's very rapid and flowing daily to the account books and yet all engineering calculator functions you need in its place. This program allows you to add or remove functions they need and thus have client calculator. CALCU ™ is a calculator for your everyday computing. together all of the functionality that you need for work and school. And for your further needs, CALCU ™ lets you and fixed functionality that you need to create your favorite calculator, add or delete. CALCU ™ regular and scientific calculator functions in a simple, stylish and easy to use and offers.

Some CALCU ™ Stylish Calculator PREMIUM android-os application features:
✤ beautiful interface and intuitive motion-based controls and navigation
✤ see immediate results when they enter their calculations
✤ pulling upwards upon the pad (keypad) to appear scientific calculator page
✤ pull down upon the screen to see the history of computing
✤ drag to the top of the keyboard to customize it
✤ create user-defined constants
✤ choice between homely and full keyboard design
✤ selection of 12 stylish themes

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