Cache Cleaner - 1Tap Clean PRO 6.0.2 build 64


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Update: 08/28/2015 - 01:41
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Cache Cleaner - 1Tap Clean PRO 6.0.2 build 64

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For each operating system comes together the loss of speed and efficiency that sometimes face. android-os smartphone operating system is not an exception. As seen in desktop operating systems such as Cache files are, the android-os operating system files is the same. Cache files or data cache remains of installed applications and games that even in multiple cases also remain after erasure software. The task of keeping data files application to run faster. in fact, things and information you need to run a software stored in these files. These files together their constant presence in the interior and RAM devices, positioned to supply quick opening soft Afzarhayshan. in another words, despite the need to load software files again, not information. good in the bad things do not count for pesticides, but when the value is high and it is not addressed, the benefits of multiple of which is not bound by a drop in speed of the system is leading.
find grain to grain and remove or upgrade them do not have any human children. This should deliver the applications that is produced in this area. application App application Cache Cleaner - 1Tap Clean PRO 6.0.2 build 64 1 of the software. It is something that a lot of programs is only in the rooted of your device will be able to do it. application Cache Cleaner can remain cached files in your software that slows the processing speed and a lot of unnecessary space can be quickly identified and then to remove it. Remove these files for dramatic speed increases productivity. This software together a single click (1TAP) can be searched to find these files and delete them all in 1 go. Note that among these files, URLs and browser cookies may also be present. application Cache Cleaner application also has a widget that you can put it upon the desktop of your android-os device and clicking upon it very rapid to hook clearance operations. And if you do not have much time to do that occasionally can be enabled in the settings of the program state that every few hours Cache automatically find for and delete files.

■ Features of the application Cache Cleaner - 1Tap Cleaner:
★ 1 touch to clear all cached files
★ cleared automatically when you open the application you
★ automatically clean all cache at a specified interval
★ out automatically cleans all cached files
★ clearing the cache for a specified application
★ List apps upon the cache size or application name
★ clean up residual files

By long pressing any item in the list, you can:
★ Share apps together your friends
★ view application upon Market
★ Delete apps that have cache files
★ Unlock application
★ show application details page

Dear users, note that:

It is true that it's free, but open to all possibilities must pay into the program and we crack version and unlock it for you. We do not pay all the facilities is available.

- cache cleaner tap clean pro build for android wap.

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