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Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 08/28/2015 - 02:16
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Buzz Launcher

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Buzz Launcher beautiful launcher, graphics, user-friendly, easy user interface for the android-os operating system and has a classic appearance. The software will be able freely to your home page infinite page Create your favorite apps and games and ...... put in it. together this launch will be able to create infinite tabs and customize your android-os phone screen. According to the manufacturer of the application, the launch of a revolutionary launch of its competitors. The main feature of this launcher, the ability to insert different widgets upon the home screen and background is very beautiful referred phones. It should also be noted that if you need allows you to modified the launcher icon size.

Features Buzz Launcher:
- Having the social networking features for rapid and easy sharing of information.
- Personalize the home screen together features such as the number of wallpapers
- modified and resize the launcher icon
- Create and manage folders for categorizing games and applications
- Having the preview to see the applied settings
- Open a Widget application launcher called the brothers Buzz client Widget This widget allows the Darydkh various widgets such as time, date, battery and so upon numerous home screens together features too.

Buzz Launcher has a software called Buzz client Widget widget also. This widget will allow that several widgets such as time, date, battery and put it upon the home screen together multiple features. This widget of the same plug-in can be downloaded here.


Changes in version

- Improved application termination when you delete all apps in Recent Apps (Galaxy S4)
- Rearranged Buzz menu items
- Improved installation process
- Fixed bugs

- buzz launcher for android wap.

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