Botanicula 1.0.23 Full Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 16 + 548 MB
Category: Arcade & Action

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Botanicula 1.0.23 Full Data

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Botanicula 1.0.23 play a unique, beautiful and popular manufacturer of studio Amanita Design playmaking popular and unique game Machinarium style adventure games, point and click the fiction-fantasy world of plants and pollen occurs It was previously released for the Windows operating system. 5 There was a story about living upon a tree to indicate that a group of hungry parasites to invade it and now it's five interesting character to play, called Mr. Lantern (Mr. Lantern), Mr. Twig (Mr borer), Mr. Poppy Head (Mr Poppy), Mr. Feather (Mr. fill), Mrs. Mushroom (Mushroom women) in different stages of their efforts to care for each another and save the Tree of parasites, they utilize. Mr. lantern a hollow oak trees that have lost the last seed of parasitic monster fled and sought refuge in his belly, he hides. The gameplay is based upon puzzles scattered throughout the pages of the game. Little friends must travel in a way that, for various reasons, the door is closed and the team can not continue without stopping to have a mystery to solve and why each of the nodes of the problems in to the path plants Continue. These problems is very cute and creative solutions is usually.

The game features Botanicula:
- The gameplay is fun for all ages
- More than 150 steps
- Interesting animation
- Earn Points hidden in each stage
- Music and sound effects is fantastic
- The five main characters together different skills and personalities
- Solve puzzles and various puzzles
- And the ...

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