BombSquad 1.4.17 + Mod


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 05/21/2015 - 01:22
Size: 47 MB
Category: Arcade & Action

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BombSquad 1.4.17 + Mod

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BombSquad 1.4.17 exciting game in the genre of Action called for the company Eric Froemling android-os phones that Google Play has been placed upon the network. This title has been downloaded over five million times upon the bridge Store and feedback in the users has been very good. Group bomb made up of several mini-games together high detail and is also effective as a group.
Although this game has different categories together their own characteristics, but in all the mostly important goal that always follow, is to eliminate opponents. Several of the items you can use to achieve this goal, but the use of this equipment requires skills and experience obtained indoors the area. Bombs is the best items that can be thrown and the number is found in abundance.
But the rest of the items in your collection, there is only a limited number following the completion of the inventory should go to the store and pay a fee for them. Any points you earn in the game can be registered online at the global Leaderboard, but need hours to hook the best score among all players try to obtain. Each character and title for each mini game you have chosen, Upgrade and customize the capabilities and the advantages that you've collected, this feature is enabled. A new update for the game offered the best possible image quality and detail of tissue and improve new and interesting feature added to the game challenging. For this reason, users is also welcome to have too much than before to download.

Action Games BombSquad android-os features:
✥ includes several mini-games (small game), different
✥ different hub bombs to the opponent to hook points
✥ to compete together friends in multiplayer and increase excitement
✥ customizing and upgrading the characters in the mini-games
✥ bolster for android-os tablets and smartphones together large screen and small

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