Blocky Traffic Racer 1.0


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 31.47 MB
Category: Racing

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Blocky Traffic Racer 1.0

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Blocky Traffic Racer 1.0 is a new and very interesting game for android-os phones and Tablet by studio rapid unfetter Games have been published and is freely available to market users , Google has been made. This game takes you into a strange world that everything is made of blocks and almost all objects in a cube, even cars! Perhaps the name of the game is familiar to enthusiasts, as good as the intensity of the game and the gameplay is incredibly popular Traffic Racer modeled, so expect this in mind that together road traffic and passing cars enter your cube and an exhilarating driving to collect points do. No matter how dangerous driving and walking distance in another cars will pass the more points you can use to take action to strengthen and upgrade your car. Again, note that this game is very similar, and the differences in graphics and Traffic Racer is the form of the scene.

The game features Blocky Traffic Racer:
Graphic three-dimensional cartoon
Exciting gameplay and fun
There is two modes to control the game.
8 beautiful music
There is various cars
There is heavy traffic along the way
There he earned the highest scores
There is various achievements

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