bitTorrent Pro 3.2


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 8.31 MB
Category: Tools

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bitTorrent Pro 3.2

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bitTorrent Pro - Torrent application 3.2 mobile version of the popular software for smartphones and tablets android-os BitTorrent. together this software you can find torrent files, and directly upon the handset / tablet download. The software has a homely design and the possibility of multiple download simultaneously download it to your specific location. This program is of multi-media you wherever you Pargarfan files to downloaded you in the features of this program can be a homely and graphic, and store files upon the memory card out.

Features BitTorrent Pro - Torrent App:
- New: a homely and elegant design
- New: Enjoy the contents of files indoors the application, by a built-in media player
- New: Select the files as a torrent file to reduce the occupied space in the device memory
- New: Torrent download location, to better manage the files
- New: Choose between clear or Torrent, together Torrent files
- New: translation by Pусский, Español, Italiano, Português do Brasil
- No limits upon speed and size of files Torrent
- The latest technology in the field of Tvrntyng, continuous updates by experts to maximize application performance
- Only the WiFi option for reducing costs
- Access to licensed content
- Download Links torrent and magnet (magnet)


Changes in version 3.2:

What's new in BitTorrent 3.0-3.2 (% of users)
✔ Updated torrent core for improved stability & speed; includes Canonical Peer Priority (reduces hop length btwn you & peers in the swarm), faster magnet url data
✔ Expanded music player accessible in anywhere in application (swipe left)
✔ UI improvements inc. use of mask art
BitTorrent 2.125-prior
✔ Auto-shutdown - automatically shut down torrenting when application is in background (Pro feature)
✔ Easy access to your music & videos via media library

- bittorrent pro for android wap.

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