Battle of Heroes 1.59.13 + Data


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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Category: Arcade & Action

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Battle of Heroes 1.59.13 + Data

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Battle of Heroes 1.59.13 style RPG for android-os has been released. This game playmaking by the company Ubisoft Entertainment is where you need a power supply for your army, and has been able to use its forces to the enemy attacked them destroyed. The android-os enemy forces attacked you also have to be careful, be prepared to eat them fail. You will also have supernatural powers you can use them as needed. This game is part of the unfetter world or the Open World offers is that the user can move in any direction to the full authority they will be. This is done online game where you can play together people who is online and compete together users around the world. Various tools for fighting the enemy intended for you is that you can use and enjoy the game. Also different types of soldiers you consider that each of them has a special ability to personalize their own and have different capabilities.
Due to the Battle of Heroes to play online experience, you'll need to create the account and your people must first select an area for residents of the soldiers. Training for war heroes you will be familiar together the game, so that before any attack or defensive tactician Learn moderate. After this initial work, it's time to build a castle, and mask it together troops, building defenses and looks.
To consolidate power up Dfaytan can use the remote castle walls is drawn into the enemy forces and absorbing. Every soldier who teaches at the Battle of Heroes, you have a level or Level, so that you can spend money to improve her skills and together less force to battle your enemies. in general, there is five types of soldier heroes in war games and only the first type will be opened to you. Unlock the power of your next mission will be to do good and hook a good score to reach this goal. Control the hero of the Battle of Heroes game will be entirely in your hands and apply Spell or another skills also optionally occur.

Battle of Heroes android-os action game features:
- Fighting to hook new heroes after upgrade skills and spells
- Heroes in the struggle to control the player together a choice of targets

- battle of heroes data for android wap.

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