Battery Pal (2X Saver) Premium


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Update: 10/07/2015 - 03:37
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Battery Pal (2X Saver) Premium

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One of the problems that multiple users is grappling together the problem of battery, and the majority of users that their phone's battery quickly discharged, always complain and complain. Because the smart phone battery is empty earlier, is that these phones is multiple possibilities and this leads to more pressure upon the battery and cause it to be empty faster. But together the use of programs that have been presented in this regard, you can have more time to use the battery. 1 of these programs Battery Pal (2X Saver) Premium known. together this android-os app, and you can not worry about empty battery for a longer time to work together your phone. Pro Battery Pal (2X Saver) Premium software is a powerful and advanced battery optimization for android-os smart phones and tablet design and supply. This application has a homely and user-friendly interface together a variety of features that any user beginners and even children can easily use it.
Pro Battery Pal (2X Saver) Premium identifying battery consuming applications and reduce battery consumption and close the battery life is optimized. The software is able to reduce power consumption and a list of programs that do not show rapid battery drain. Despite the warning alarms for low battery and fully charge the battery of the main features of this program. Battery Pal able to close unnecessary programs, applications drain the battery and so upon is automatic.

Highlights Battery Pal:
★ very quick: find and solve the battery problems quickly together the button "Optimize", the difference in their first visit.
★ Easy and simple: an elegant user interface together visual elements. Even a child could Battery Pal. Use.
★ effective and appropriate protection and prevent overheating alarms charge your battery.
★ Powerful android-os battery life together up to 2 times without charging (using the profiles Optimizer (Saver))
★ learning fast: the automatic saving power and energy together smart profiles (Smart Profiles) which teaches the battery needs (version Premium)

Key Features Battery Pal (2X Saver) Android:
✣ disable unnecessary programs that drain your battery
✣ find consumer battery applications, stop permanent job
✣ kill regular program
✣ accurate battery time remaining
✣ exact time remaining until charging
✣ intelligent detection rate into the battery and power-saving modes
✣ timing mode to save power
✣ lighting control
✣ battery temperature
✣ full charge alarms and low battery
✣ Ignore List (Ignore) to killer task (task killer)
✣ homely interface and easy to use

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