Battery Doctor 4.27.4 build 4274054


Author: Curt M. Barrow
Update: 09/18/2015 - 03:55
Size: 9.45 MB
Category: Tools

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Battery Doctor 4.27.4 build 4274054

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 Battery Doctor 4.27.4 build 4274054 or Battery Saver program together over 150 million downloads upon iOS is 1 of the best and mostly efficient management applications and reduce battery consumption in your android-os smartphone.
Turn off unnecessary programs that is wasting battery, remove programs running, showing the remaining battery time exact time, the exact time required for charging the battery and battery modes to adjust some of the features of this powerful program is.

Features Battery Doctor:
Read system log files
Display system alerts
Access to running applications
Quick removal
Add shortcut
Vibration control device
Kill background processes
Read phone state and identity
Change or delete SD card contents
Block off the screen
Full Internet access
Start automatically when the phone
Kill background processes
Change settings synchronization
Read sync settings
Change network connectivity
View network status
Bluetooth management
Bluetooth connectivity contact
Change Wi-Fi status
View Wi-Fi status
Modify global system settings
Change the battery usage statistics
Disable lock screen


Version 4.27.4 build 4274054:

1. Optimized the screensaver experience
2. Fixed known bugs

- battery doctor build for android wap.

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