BadeSaba 6.2 Calendar Zephyr's 94 years muezzin


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 5.27 MB
Category: Communication

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BadeSaba 6.2 Calendar Zephyr's 94 years muezzin

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Ahead of the coming new year greetings new Gramyan say to you, I hope this year is a great year for you and all good wishes fulfilled thanks to the Almighty and merciful. This post is going to introduce 1 of the finest Persian calendars is provided for Android. Calendar Marshmallow along by the wave group is presented, together a high performance, multi-award winning interior, the choices is very good for Azan playback Event List android-os users. Thanking the dear programmer of this full-featured calendar application and it continues to look beautiful.

Marshmallow calendar features 94:
Offering three solar calendar, lunar and AD (without limitation)
View the history of national and religious events calendar
Offering prayer times in 1235 (to add in optional)
Receive announcements related to any occasion
Ability to share announcements and another content
Automatic call distribution capabilities and infrastructure prayer
Choice of algorithm and computation EPHEMERIS
Ability to insert notes and reminders for every day

- badesaba calendar zephyrs years muezzin for android wap.

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