APUS launcher 1.8.2


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 2.86 MB
Category: Personalization

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APUS launcher 1.8.2

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APUS launcher 1.8.2 compact and quick launcher for android-os devices by Apus Group developed the software and is available for unfetter to anyone who is interested. The launcher is a very good welcome users of Google 's bridge, in addition to changing the appearance of the user interface of your phone or tablet optimization tools that can improve the overall performance of the device is very effective Andrvydytan. For example, it can be noted that the tools to manage power consumption by shutting down unnecessary applications to increase the amount Sharzhdhy device. As we mentioned at the beginning of this launcher is very rapid and is admired by users.

Launcher features APUS -Small, Fast, Free, New, Fun:
Low system resource occupied
rapid and mental function
homely and elegant interface
Having Saver Tools
Ability to put in different folders Apps
View popular applications
Having a dedicated Nvtyfykyshnhay

- apus launcher for android wap.

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