Aparat v2.3.1


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 1MB
Category: Other

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Aparat v2.3.1

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Aparat v2.3.1 software is the formal apparatus for android-os devices. together this program you popular videos and playlists by category site upon your smart phone or anywhere that you need to see.

- Ability to view video
- Display a list of the mostly popular videos
- View a list of videos by category
- Ability to find for videos
- View information including videos, comments, videos and similar ...
- Ability to download video in mp4 format upon your phone
- View the video in full screen mode
- Channel Members
- Ability to find by tag
- Ability to share video

Improvements in the new version:
- Serious cosmetic changes to improve compatibility together the site and ease of use
- No need Flash to view videos
- Use native operating system software for video playback
- Ability to share a video through different software
- Speed ​​up video display and navigate different pages
- Ability to view a list of official channels.
- Optimized to download videos
- And the ...

- aparat for android wap.

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