Antivirus Pro Android Security v7.1.02.00


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Update: 06/01/2015 - 11:33
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Antivirus Pro Android Security v7.1.02.00

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Antivirus Pro android-os Security v7.1.02.00 1 of the best antivirus security applications for mobile phones by AV-TEST Institute, a global software security assessment and West Coast Labs, a leading independent security software tester features the world's is. The virus-scanning software features, privacy protection, backup contacts and features together cloud + Boost Mobile offers local antivirus engines. Scan programs installed moment, full scan phone in 20 seconds, use less battery power, full protection of privacy as good as automatically update the virus database and the benefits of this program. It is interesting that together the high price of $ 4.99 Ydanyd the program in the market , Google sold but given the popularity of the application together points 4.7 of 5 users are.

Some of the features Antivirus Antivirus Pro android-os Security Android:
Anti-virus scan engine Professional and removes viruses, malware and Trojans while installed apps and downloaded upon a regular basis and in real time to guard your phone scanned.
Account protection: Protection of financial accounts, shopping, socialization and play your
Anti-eavesdropping: identify and prevent eavesdropping calls you by spyware
Secret report: Monitoring and remove unwanted programs that secretly contacts, messages, locations, and accessing your private information.
Boost Mobile, 1 touch to close background applications to unfetter up phone memory and clear the cache, the faster you run your phone.
Contacts Backup: Backup your contacts, and supports backup and recovery of the Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows phone, as good as another mobile operating systems.
Full bolster for all android-os systems (including android-os 5.0):
Supported systems include android-os 2.2, android-os 2.3+, android-os 3.0, android-os 4.0, android-os 4.1 / 4.1 / 4.3, android-os 4.4, and android-os 5.0

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