Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
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AirDroid - android-os upon Computer now transfer files between phone and computer without a doubt not unexpected that happens at least once every few days. Usually the cable is used to transfer files, but together the development of devices and the emergence of new ideas and programs that work every day is comfortable and easier. AirDroid The software is unfetter to manage your phone and transfer files wirelessly via PC browser. Using this software, you can connect the phone to the cable without using WiFi to manage messages, browse photos, and another administrative tasks fee.

Features AirDroid:
Moving files between PC and android-os device
Ability to Drag and Drop
Features Cut, copy, paste, search, rename, delete files in the SD Card
Ability to manage SMS, receive, send, and delete messages
Access to phone and copy text Clipboard
To install, uninstall, backup, and find software installed upon the phone
Managing photos upon the phone
Phone calls, phonebook management
Management ringtones
Locate a missing phone and showing its location

- airdroid for android wap.

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