3C Toolbox Pro v1.2.9


Author: Andrew P. Smith
Update: 05/14/2015 - 16:32
Size: 10 MB
Category: Tools

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3C Toolbox Pro v1.2.9

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3C Toolbox Pro (Android Tuner) v1.2.9 for android-os version 2.3 is the mostly comprehensive toolbox to L is for each rom and kernel.
3C Toolbox Pro combines the features of Battery Monitor Widget, System Tuner, 3C Toggles etc. in an easy to use tool to manage, monitor and optimize your android-os device.
3C Toolbox Pro combines the features of multiple paid programs likable Titanium Backup, Greenify, BetterBatteryStats, App2SD, Seeder, ROM Toolbox Pro, SetCPU, System Panel, rooted Explorer, Autorun Manager, Terminal Emulator, Script Editor, SD Booster, BuildProp Editor , ATK and multiple others.
3C Toolbox Pro upon rooted phones it works, but also works upon non-rooted phones.

► Device administrator * 1
◊ device profiles (CPU, IO, components)
◊ timing functions (management program, erase, etc.)
◊ care to enable automatic device profile, tasks or display alarms
◊ save battery by means of profiles and tasks

► File Explorer * 1
◊ copy / paste batch, Zip, delete, transfer, share and distribute files and folders Atshark
◊ Change the permissions and ownership (ownership) of files / folders
◊ Samba network access to all your subscriptions

► Management Program * 1
◊ Backup and reviews apk / data plan (different versions), SMS and contacts
◊ Remove Programs Cleaner system and updates
◊ share and backup applications for email, DropBox, Google Drive and ...
◊ transfer the program to the user, system, SD or Link2SD
◊ Freeze / unfreeze apps, crystallize (such as hibernate / greenify) and control startup programs and events
◊ lined up Zip, wipe cache, wipe cache, dalvik, repair and optimize database access
◊ Announcements control, access, lock (secure access), rotate and turn the page program * 2
◊ statistics and standby consumption (find the battery drain)

► Network administrator
◊ Set priority WiFi access point
◊ android-os Firewall configuration, DNS, TCP * 1 compression

► Task administrator
◊ Czech the consumption of CPU, network and memory
◊ kill (default) or stop any program or process is mandatory * 1 core
◊ automatic task killer, memory booster, memory cleaner

► Control System * 1
◊ CPU governor, frequency, voltage, control of the GPU, temperature controls and MPDecision
◊ Build.prop modified and sysctl (in basic and advanced)
◊ enhance, analyze and benchmark SD cards
◊ memory management, memory cleaner, SD linker (binder directory)
◊ Control fsync, sweep2wake, gamma, and rapid charge
◊ safe: recover default settings of the program or retrieve and GPU in a boot loop

► Monitoring Systems
◊ All android-os apps or all processes, Battery, CPU, network, memory
◊ the component (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Phone, APN)

► notifications in status bar
◊ Battery, CPU, memory, SD, temperature optional graphics
◊ Add the remaining battery bar at the top or button
◊ remove the main battery icon

► Fully customizable widgets
◊ Set the size of the widget
◊ text widget 1
- c toolbox pro for android wap.

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